Monday, 11 July 2005

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

We went dancing at this place Saturday night and holy schnikes I have never seen such a wide variety of people. Of various ages and styles. From cowboy hats to bouffants to mullets and everything in between. Ages from 20's to 70's. I swing danced with this lil fella, I would have said he was 65 but knowing my mom is 62 and the Rolling Stones are in their sixties, this fella must have been 75 if he was a day. But he still had the moves. It was fun. My sister was too much into looking seriously for a guy she would be interested in dating though, and that got sort of annoying. If I am going out dancing I can't see it as anything else but for a laugh. Cuz in order to dance in front of people I have to be a bit drunk, wel rather drunk really, and who wants to meet anyone seriously like that?

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