Friday, 5 November 2004

I guess it is from stress, related to losing my job, but I am the sickest that I have been in some time. I had a cold that hung on for two weeks, and has now mutated into some bizarre flu. I am alternately depressed as hell and uncontrollably giddy. I was just laughing so hard at some bizarre email from my mom that was forwarding photos of animals, cute photos- but with titles in german or something. For example there was a picture of these foxes with huge ears, called fuchs. And a leopard called gepard. And something called guten-schlag, I really could not begin to tell you what it was. Then there was a housecat and an eagle and I cannot recall the name of that particular photo at the moment, but the title of it alongside the picture had me ROTFLMAO.

I was going to post the fuchs but the picture is too fuching big

so you get this instead

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