Tuesday, 8 June 2004

Ugh I am still so undecided on what to do about Kris and it is making me sick to my stomach. His brother thinks I should giev him an ultimatum, but dear God the man's mother just died... that is a little hardcore. Then again, I stop and think... I am thirty... I am investing all this energy into a relationship that is a dead end relationship unless there is a major change. I am really done with driking all the time too, it sucks. But anyways, I am really stressed. And it is making me take every petty stupid little thing that happens at my job too seriously and I am really fed-up with it. Especially with my passive-agressive boss. And I have been goofing around on the computer for 2 hours trying to avoid receving phone calls. Oh, what fun!

I can't decide if I need a good laugh or a good cry. I might go with the cry and watch Terms of Endearment.

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