Friday, 25 June 2004

Elvis traded places with an Elvis impersonator, because he was tired of fame. So it was the impersonator who died, and Elvis ended up in a rest home in Texas. Or so goes the plot of Bubba Ho-tep...and there is even more strangeness than that. A black JFK and a soul-sucking mummy. I dug that movie. Very funny.

I actually have been sticking to my exercise program which is rare for me.The best thing on that excercise dvd is you can select to have the music on it turned off, and then you can still hear what the lady is saying. Which is great cuz then I can listen to whatever gets me off my butt, so far Leatherface and the Buzzcocks have worked the best.

I am not in the mood to clean my apartment and that was what I swore to do this weekend, I am a giant slacker. Oh well

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