Sunday, 4 April 2004

I could not be happier about the upcoming rerelease of Life of Brian. Ever since my sister told me that a friend of hers urged that she had to go see The Passion of the Christ because "Jesus died for us." Okay, so... go to church, read the Bible, and judge not etc, etc. But I reaaaallly doubt that seeing Mel Gibson's movie is a requirement of Christianity. And there I go judging, *sigh* ...what the world needs now is Python, sweet Python. That is probably the most brilliant comedy ever made and it's the perfect antidote to these people whipping themselves into a frenzy over Mel Gibson's version of events. Think of the marketing that is going along with Mel Gibson's movie, merchandise and all. I sincerely hope he is giving that money to charity.

Found this, which is cool. You can look up old sites that don't exist anymore in the Wayback Machine. Even my old shit, like this and this and even this what I got from the inside of a CD of one of my favorite bands...a website that wasn't even working when I first started listening to them.

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