Tuesday, 9 July 2002

http://members.aol.com/essobmcc/brakbook/mainpage.htm PS I swiped the sweet Zorak picture from this page. This chick rocks! I also stole the pants ad that is on my home page but forgot to email her about it...durr crap i don't think i linked it right either will try again another day!?!?

and who the heck came up with the bright idea of "resurrecting" Michael Myers... geeeeez she friggin' chopped off his head in the last one. And Jamie Lee's my girl, I mean I was named after her, but Lordy another Halloween flick? Next thing ya know she will do a sequel to Perfect. (And give John Travolta a chance to thrust his pelvis wearing ugly-ass shorts again.) plus man oh man if you're making a Halloween movie why not release it around...hmm...Halloween?

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