Wednesday, 3 July 2002

Don't forget to play name that movie quote!

JAYSUS I have been really boring on this here blog... well I guess it comes from spending too much time with the *boyfriend* and how I hate the term *boyfriend* and wonder how I ended up in this situation with someone that wasn't looking for a *girlfriend" either. But he is cool... I do like him..."I LAK (HIM) ALAT!" He is in Jersey and I am here in SF getting ready to hunker down in the basement for the Fourth of July. I am not really scared but people are scared and it is making me UNCOMFORTABLE. Probably tomorrow I will ramble around and search for some tattoo parlors. I have been in a tattoo kind of a mood.

Here is a tasty treat: toast+peanutbutter+maplesyrup. Open-faced o'course.

news flaaaaaaaaaaassssssssshhhhhhh- oh shit I forgot what i was going to say LOL
I remember!!! I have finally found my ideal Indian food in SF- Naan and Curry. Heehee "I like a name that tells you what it is". What street is that on, durrr, close to Clown Alley? Off of Columbus??? d'oh I am useless. Kris (the b-word, no not the bitch the other b-word dammit!) knows his way around here well. And having been a bartender many places he knows damn near EVERY PERSON WE WALK BY!!!

Had a dream about Drew Barrymore and it was funny cuz I was interviewing her and she was saying daffy things like she would say in a real interview... she was all "I am really into potatoes right now and I find myself talking about everything in terms of potatoes. Like, I just finished this book I really liked, and I would compare it to a potato with sour cream and chives." Like that... and then I woke up laughing. I had fallen asleep watching Escape from New York which is so fun because it is like Bad Acting Theatre. I mean that is some poor acting and then Ernest Borgnine is awesome anyway because he is good when he is hammy "Linda! LINDAAAAA!". And friggin Lee Van Cleef, who looks like Tom my upstairs neighbor. And Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, growling his lines. Looking not bad. And Adreinne Barbeau- whatever happened to her?- I love her in Creepshow and one other one where she is bitchy...Back to School? I think...And I love that score... John Carpenter's scores, I love 'em!

Got my hair cut. Yikes it's not too good. I mean, unless I dry it and put a lot of crapola in it, I am gonna look like a Beatle, or something. I really need to cut down my commas in sentence, I mean I need a remedial english class all of a sudden. Punctuators Anonymous. Oh that reminds me, at Shanghai Kelly's where Kris used to work the sign on the door said Alcoholics Unanimous. I'll drink to that! "I'll buy that for a dollar!"

Ok that was fun for a change and here are your movie quote answers: Dumb and Dumber, When a Man Loves a Woman, the Poseidon Adventure and Robocop. Thank you and goodnight!