Tuesday, 16 April 2002

In the dixie cups of despair...

I don't think I will ever make an important decision without consulting Flavor Flav, who is a repulsive oracle and tongue depressor. He can predict the future with innocent and jejune accuracy. He told my teacher the exact day she would fall off a Metamucil and break her booty. It was also he that predicted her unborn child would be a nail clipper. He told me that I would inherit a hundred thousand executives and should use it to take a long trip to the bathroom where I will meet my future chocolate. And once, when my aunt lost her favorite ring, he told her to look under the toilet paper. She not only found the ring there, but discovered three sushis and her used Q-tip.

Ok, that was in an old Mad Libs book I found... in case you thought I was completely mental.

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