Thursday, 27 May 2010

My 2 Cents on SATC (haven't seen #2 yet)

Well yeah, I have seen #2 just not SATC2.  Judging by the reviews there is not a lot of difference.  I dunno, if I am in a jolly mood tomorrow, it might be Shinola.

I happened to like the series, and I thought the series finale was one of the best of all time.  Such a perfect ending , not only between Carrie and Big, but also showing a tender side to Miranda and a new maturity to Samantha. To be honest, I liked Miranda and Samantha the best, Carrie is a doll but at times she grated on me.  With her flightiness and tendency to squeal. Charlotte used to annoy me somewhat, until she came down to earth in the later season.  I didn't hate the SATC movie..but it was long and boring and why did they need to throw in dumb drama with Big.  Big and Carrie are both not the marrying type so why not just live together forever like Kurt and Goldie hrm? And hmm were bored lets make Samantha a ho again.  They kind of trashed their character arcs there.


Liza Minnelli singing Single Ladies is kind of good for a laugh on a show or something but that being in the movie makes me think...The Chipettes beat you to it..  They could call SATC2 SATC the Squeee-quel, come to think of it.

Oh, the girls doing karaoke sounds fun until you find out they are singing fucking I am Woman. Pardon me while I get out my barf bag.  And Carrie saying to Big in the commercial "we need to bring back the sparkle" or some shit, that is almost as annoying as the time she flipped out over the squirrels when she went to a cabin with Aidan.  Grow up Carrie! Blargh!

Just so you know I am not a hater, I will tell you my favorite SATC moments: (all are from the series BTW)

Carrie dates a stoner dude who lives with his parents, and his mother comes home unexpectedly and smells pot.  Douche blames pot on Carrie.  Carries, incredulous, says "yes, I brought it...and I'm takin' it with me when I go!" whoot whoot.

Samantha's bozo bush

Miranda's skinny jeans.

Samantha cries at Miranda's mom's funeral..

All of Carrie's clothes in Paris I loved!!! (I do always like to see the clothes...sometimes scary but always interesting.  LOVE PATRICIA FIELD! Now I am reduced to watching iCarly for a fun and funky clothes fix...what up with that?) The Paris episodes were some of the best.

Rude ass socialite falls out window.

Samantha baby sitting Brady.

Post it Break up and the aftermath (Berger was a colossal douche, anyway)

 The baby shower episode. (how much do showers suck)

The funky spunk.

The butt-licking guy.

The golden showers guy.

The sandwich saying Eat me to Miranda

Charlotte and her Rabbit habit (involving a vibrator intervention)

Carrie scrubs on the runway.

Samantha's breast cancer storyline was always heartfelt, I thought she grew so much during that time.

and yeah, the whole last episode... I am sure am missing other stuff I like but I haven't watched it in a while.  So I am seeing the movie with my sister and niece tomorrow and still holding out hope that I like it anyway, because I do like me some critically reviled films if you must know.

And I hope they really have a scene of the girls in the eighties like the paparazzi photos showed....

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