Monday, 8 September 2008

Paul Williams as Don Quixote


Fantasy Island
Episode 68. Paul Williams fantasy is to be chivalrous and he becomes Don Quixote to Bosley from Charlie's Angels's Sancho Panza. Meanwhile a plain Jane woman has a fantasy of being a sex symbol, only to be interviewed by Doug Llewellin (sp) from People's Court and then nearly gang raped by a trio including Edd "Kookie" Burns aka Vince Fontaine from Grease. This right here is some fucked up shit. If you have Comcast (which I hate) check your on demand, under TV Entertainment, Tube Time.

Then watch ep. 66, poignant story featuring Tom Wopat, and a romantical story featuring Michelle Phillips as a mermaid and yes, indeed....Mr Roarke. Ricardo Montalban...Khan....feel his wrath, caress his rich Corinthian Leather.

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