Wednesday, 9 April 2008

open letters to random persons and blah blah blah

Dear Old Chinese Man That Comes Around At 7 AM to Grab the Bottles and Cans from our Recycling:
Dude, gimme your address and I will bring that shit to you. You are waking me up on my day off. And we are paying for this big ass recycling container and by the time you are done with it, there are just bits and scraps of cardboard and I can recycle that at work. WTF are we paying for the recycling for at this point?

Dear Corporate Douchenozzle that is about to make us get up hella early saturday to go listen to his bullshit:
Our store is small. Really really small. I know they pay you the big bucks for completely redundant crap but c'mon, really...Zones that we are assigned to us to cover for periods of time? At Target, I understand that. In our tiny store WTF. The store is like the size of my living room and bedroom and sometimes hours will pass with NO CUSTOMER (at the store, not my bedroom hehehe oh man i sounded like a hooker). You are ruining a job that was otherwise pretty good, and making our disgruntled co-worker act even more disgruntled (speaking of him, I have had to do a hell of a lot more at other jobs for less pay so you might as well chill out.)

Dear Comcast: YOU SUCK

Okay enough bitcheryThere is that channel Oxygen and I swear it was a Roseanne marathon all day. I only lasted 4 episodes. I hate commercials. I especially hate that one with the wretched little girl that goes "i don't like chicken, i don't like broccolli, I don't think i liiiike (whatever, cuz i usually mute it by then) then her mom gives her some nasty supplement drink cuz she is so fucking picky and her mother doesn't discipline her. Hey I am bitching again. I liked Roseanne til the cheese slipped off her cracker and she started doing stupid episodes.

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