Wednesday, 5 March 2008

me me me how do you like it how do you like it

(neurotic and pms-ing)

I am not thrifty by any stretch of the imagination. I will plan what gas station i go to based on the likelihood that my tank will become bone-dry and the proxitimity of the gas station to my destination. I will fill it all the way, even if i am low on money, so as to lengthen the amount of time between gas station visits. (today there were two guys inexplicably selling ukuleles in front of the station) If there is an atm at the convinience store, by god i will spend the 2 dollar service charge to use it, rather than driving out of the way to go to the B of A (ps: what is with their new sign that is bright red all over, i hate it)

I blog on here rather than myspace when i know that it will likely only be read by people who like me enough to bother to come to this page. And not pissy beotches that talk smack.

Is it lame that one of my pastimes has become making custom page designs? for stupid myspace and crap? i enjoy the heck out of it, it's like drawing or painting but i'm good at it (i suck at painting and drawing is a toss up). I just don't know how to post ones for other people to use.

I am an obsessive proofreader of my own material. I just made 5 changes to the above paragraphs for typos. And yet there are probably some i missed.

I'm my own worst critic.

I'm my own grandpa.

I'm nostalgic for old times and i fear that the world is marching itself straight into the toilet.

I want a baby for company, but I don't want to put a baby through having me as a mother.

Above is one of the many reasons I have to love my cat more than most peeps probably do.

I have a lil crush on Mos Def

I want to see Be Kind Rewind...finally I am going to see Juno tonight!!!

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bewitched said...

I have a crush on Mos Def too. He's too stinkin' cute for words. (ha ha in the letters I had to type below in order for you to see this is the word "NOM")