Wednesday, 30 January 2008

savin' muh surveys

life soundtrack
Ok, this is fun... name songs or albums that you listen to when:

when youre lonely- OutKast Idlewild always cheers me up some. Any old school R&B too, like Earth Wind and Fire makes me feel better.

when youre happy- Misfits- Walk Among Us, lately when I am in agood mood I listen to Rob Zombie's hits cd. If i am happy I like some hard rock or punk. And I do like My Chemical Romance I jsut got the older CD not to long ago.

when youre feelin country- I love the comp Willie Nelson- Greatest Hits and Some That Will Be, and Songs of Kristofferson, and I love this lil cheap Johnny and June cd i got. At work i like to put the old fashions country channel Willie's Place on the XM, that's my favorite for work.

when youre depressed- Rum, Sodomy, and The Lash by the Pogues, then when i feel a little better, their album if I should fall from grace with god (my capitalizing skills just gave way to laziness)

when youre hatin- all albums by Hole or Courtney Love, except Celebrity Skin cuz that is semi-cheerful when you are mad.

when youre lookin good-Hey Good Lookin' Hank Williams hehe

when youre goin out- depends where i am going but maybe possibly the Bee Gee's hits, I'm big on peeps hits hehe

when youre hookin up- hookin' up what? :P I don't listen to music for that

when youre gettin married- methinks we are having because i love you by the Dave Clark Five. I also want to make sure and play The Very thought of YOu by Nat King Cole at the reception cuz i love it to bits

when youre in love- i'm in love all the time, bitches hehehe
a corny romantical song that i can't believe i love so much would be I wanna Be your Man by Zapp and Roger

when you're mad- again Hole or The Distillers- Coral Fang

when youre on the run- what? when i am on a treadmill i like dumb silly booties in motion kinda stuff like Tootsie Roll hehe Jock Jams and that, plus also punk is good for excercising. Especially The Process- End Times, whatever happened to that band?

when youre breakin up and dont care- Coral Fang is good for that too, and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell by Social Distortion.

when you get your heart broken- gangsta gangsta- WGWA
here's a lil somethin' bout a white girl like me
never set my foot inside a penetentiary
Jamie G would like to say
that i'm a crazy ass bitch from around the way
since i was a youth, i used weed-be-gone
to get the motherfuckin' weeds out the motherfuckin' lawn
doin' a survey or two, that's what the hell i do
you don't like how i'm livin', well fuck you!
this is a house, and i'm in it
my man Ben will fuck you up in a minute
with a right left right left you're toothless
then you say goddamn they ruthless
everywhere i go, people say DAMN
kookychick252 fucking up the program

hope you like NWA or you're like huh?

when you get cheated .. your cheating heart heheh Hank Williams is good for many situations apparently

when you cheated...Criminal by Fiona Apple would work

when youre by yourself- all by my seeeeeeeelf
no really wheni am alone i listen to stuff i know would annoy the crap out of Ben and that i am semi embarrassed to even like, like showtunes and stuff haha

when youre cruisin town- the past couple days Speakerboxx and Hot Fuss by the Killers

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