Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Here-here, kitteh kitteh kitteh!!

Cats are cool in many ways, but it just occurred to me that they have something over every other animal in the low-maintenance regard. If you are standing up holding a cat, and the cat decides it wants DOWN, you can simply release your grip and the cat jumps down. Unharmed. Right? You do that, don't you? or am I unspeakably cruel? What I mean is if you are carrying a lil dog and he wants to be on the ground you have to gently set him down. Could you picture a lil dog jumping down from a height without it ending at least in yike-yike-yike-yike if not SPLAT! When Hammy the hamster wants back in the Habitrail, do you drop him in there? No you place him gently down on his freaking WOODSHAVINGS! Cats are agile and jump down from large heights. And land on their feet. Jumping out of a persons hands is a cakewalk. Cats FUCKING ROCK!!


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Alexander said...

if you fall I will catch you--I'll be waiting
time after time
--Cyndi Lauper