Saturday, 21 July 2007

I'm back

I am back from non-blogger blogging...I am going to continue with the myspace and buzznet stuff but I am not going to link from there back to here, as this site is more fun from me when it is a bit more anonymous. I dunno, or maybe I just had writers block. Several important things have happened in my life since I wrote on here last:

I got engaged
I got a new job
I found a cool place to live with my fiance

Here is the funny thing about my fiance: he was my high school best friend's boyfriend, and his high school best friend was my boyfriend. That is still his best friend. I barely talk to my high school best friend. And that is a common difference between men and women it seems. If the internet was around while we were in high school and college, I think I would have continued to stay in better touch with her. But she kind of moved in an opposite direction right away, marriage and kids, and she doesn't seem to like the fun internet time wasting crap that I love- like this and buzznet and myspace and flickr.

So, now that I have my own computer back again (or will soon) I am going to start blogging again on my blogger blog. Modern technology, ya gotta love it.

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