Tuesday, 14 March 2006

I'm a real cunt in Spring

I hate IM's
I hate them so much i am going to post the one that is interrupting me at the moment, for your reading enjoyment(some guy my sister was trying to fix me up with)

pacomike [11:03 PM]: Hey are you still up.,
J252 [11:03 PM]: whosa are yousa?
pacomike [11:04 PM]: Who do you think Gina
J252 [11:04 PM]: oh!
pacomike [11:04 PM]: Is that a good oh or a bad oh
J252 [11:05 PM]: that was merely an "oh" of recognition
pacomike [11:05 PM]: Are you suprised?
J252 [11:05 PM]: no
i am itchy
pacomike [11:05 PM]: So am I
pacomike [11:06 PM]: Do you want to be scratched
J252 [11:07 PM]: 5 questions:

#1 have you ever shot a car?
#2 have you ever shot a person
#3 what is your favorite song by Elvis
#4 what is your favorite color
# 5 in your language is "itchy" sexual innuendo, cuz it is not in mine

pacomike [11:07 PM]: NO!1
pacomike [11:08 PM]: I am not at the sexual innuendo stage
J252 [11:08 PM]: you are skipping questions!!

pacomike [11:08 PM]: If I want to say something sexual I will say it
JG252 [11:08 PM]: so you are literally offering to scratch me?
pacomike [11:10 PM]: Yes. When I am itchy I like to be scratched and it always feels better when someone else does it
pacomike [11:11 PM]: No comment?
J252 [11:11 PM]: so how about elvis and the color and the shooting of motor vehicles/and or persons
(couldn't tell which questions you were answering) or what is no to all of the above
but who doesn't have a favorite color I ask ya?
J252 [11:13 PM]: =-O
pacomike [11:13 PM]: You lost me, I guess I am not making sense
pacomike [11:13 PM]: Why are you itchy?
J252 [11:13 PM]: i meant bitchy but I forgot the b
pacomike [11:14 PM]: Ohhhhh
pacomike [11:15 PM]: Well don't be bitchy with me, lets have some fun
pacomike[11:15 PM]: Now to answer your questions
pacomike [11:15 PM]: 1....yes, why do you ask
J252 [11:16 PM]: had a hunch
pacomike [11:16 PM]: 2. No I have not and hope I never have to
J252 [11:17 PM]: that is good
pacomike [11:17 PM]: 3. I'm not sure, I really am not an elvis fan
J252 [11:17 PM]: WHAT??????
no way dude
how about Neil Diamond then?
pacomike [11:18 PM]: 4 red first then green
J252 [11:18 PM]: i don't know that song hahah
pacomike [11:19 PM]: 5. You know the answer to the itchy ?
J252 [11:19 PM]: well yes now I guess i do
pacomike [11:20 PM]: And I do like neil diamond, I am hearing a song in my head but can't put a name to it
J252 [11:20 PM]: do you like Mitch and Mickey?
pacomike[11:21 PM]: Why don't you give me the answer to your questions
pacomike[11:21 PM]: Explain
J252 [11:21 PM]: explain what?
pacomike[11:22 PM]: M-tch and mickey, who are they
J252 [11:23 PM]: they sang "a kiss at the end of the rainbow" and "when you're next to me"
J252 [11:24 PM]: I have never intentionally cut a power line in my life!
pacomike [11:24 PM]: well, I like the names of the songs will have to hear them
pacomike [11:25 PM]: They sound romantic, thought you were not romantic
pacomike [11:26 PM]: I have never cut one intentionally either, but did so accidentally once. Lotsa sparks
J252 [11:28 PM]: hey wha happen?
pacomike [11:29 PM]: When I cut the power line?
J252 [11:29 PM]: I got a real red wagon
pacomike [11:29 PM]: When
J252 [11:30 PM]: i can't do my work!
pacomike209 [11:30 PM]: What work
J252 [11:31 PM]: Do you like the Madonna
pacomike [11:31 PM]: Of course
pacomike [11:31 PM]: And you?
J252 [11:32 PM]: Mary is my homegirl
pacomike[11:33 PM]: Well, I went to one of two places in the world where she is said to have appeared
J252 [11:33 PM]: why Paco? what is Paco all about
pacomike [11:33 PM]: Lots of energy there
pacomike [11:34 PM]: Paco in the name I gave myself. He is the real me
J252 [11:34 PM]: that reminds me of a Who song
pacomike[11:35 PM]: Did you ever see serpico? His name was paco
pacomike [11:35 PM]: What who song? I like the who
J252 [11:35 PM]: no i didn't
can I call you Frankie?
J252 [11:35 PM]: can you see the real me
pacomike [11:36 PM]: Yes you can gina
pacomike[11:36 PM]: Ilm trying to, hope I'll get to see u
pacomike[11:37 PM]: How did you know paco means frank
J252 [11:38 PM]: we had a bird named Paco and it was a girl, and someone in school told me paco meant frank (i was little) so we called the bird CheeChee
pacomike [11:38 PM]: Hey send me another picture of you, this time show your face
J252 [11:38 PM]: as opposed to what?
pacomike[11:38 PM]: Chee chee!!
J252 [11:39 PM]: i'm sorry, I have never shown you my cheechee perhaps you have me confused with someone else
pacomike [11:41 PM]: |What do you mean, wasn't that your bird name?
J252 [11:41 PM]: yes
yes it was
pacomike [11:41 PM]: I don't have you confused with anybody...your funny

and so on and so forth

yeah my name's not Gina, he said I look like Geena Davis


Alex said...

Well, I DO know who Mitch and Mickey are, and I have all their albums.

BTW, I really missed you these past few days. I was afraid your computer had given up the ghost or something.

Alex said...

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