Friday, 2 May 2003

I almost forgot about that Ol' Dirty Bastard

Well it is my first Friday off and sooooooooo

Last night we went to see Al's hockey team play and they won... and the other teams was a bunch of pussies who could not even lose gracefully. I mean, they would not shake hands or anything. A thing about men that is weird. So afterward we went to the Stork Club- they are going to sponsor Al's new hockey team. Al had me draw a couple logo ideas for the team... which got me all interested. But he is definitely the white lie king and it turned out he had asked someone else to do the same so who knows which one they will use. And then he told his teammates that I was a graphic artist, like that was my profession and all. Then Micki, the gal that owns the bar, was telling me that I need to get those boys in gear so they can have a fundraiser to raise money for the team and jerseys and everything. So who's to say whether they are really going to have a team or anything. Anyway it was sort of fun to be back at the Stork cuz I have not been there since the Todd days, back when Oppressed Logic used to play there a bit. There was some rotten DJ last night. I was buzzed enough to tune it out but Kris was getting all irritated.

So that story what I wrote got rejected by the company I sent it to. Which is discouraging because I aimed low in my aspirations. It was Red Dress Ink, which is a division of Harlequin of all things which I always think of snootily as utter crap. So my crap is worse than crap and now I better go and watch tv or something like that.

Right now I am reading a great brilliant book called The Diary of a Teenage Girl by Phoebe Gloeckner. It is part drawn and part written and it is the most honest thing I have seen in a while. I think if I read it as a teenager I would have felt comforted by it instead of feeling like a freak which is what I felt like.