Saturday, 14 December 2002

Yikes! What is up with stupid Yahoo?? I wanted to change my homepage, to put a dumb Christmas pic on, but the darn thing won't let me! #%@^ Anyhoo was taken at Pier 39, at this silly touristy thing where they put you in a video where it looks like you are flying over SF in a sleigh... I guess they do it year-round and it is usually a magic carpet. But ours was a sleigh and it was pretty funny cuz we were hamming it up. Anyway what an awful day today was. I mean, kinda fun, but in an insane way..... Went XMAS shopping and tell me why I ran into a hellish BLAST FROM THE PAST that i haven't seen in years, and never wanted to again. Well, I could have been imagining things but I don't think so... Just my luck that this jerk is working at a Borders two blocks from me. It's the story of my sorry life. Anyhoo thank you to Kris for buying me the Donnas and this crazy Ray Conniff Christmas thing I used to listen to as a kid. So I have the Elvis christmas, and that, and now all I need is the goofy one where they do Grinch songs and my patched up childhood memory collection will be COMPLETE. Anyway speaking of Elvis if you haven't seen Lilo and Stitch -must do so. This is a sweet and sad lil cartoon. I watched it on my dad's birthday and I was all alone and it made me cry like an idiot. And so, happy holidays .....And eventually a Christmas pic if Yahoo ever works again.........Ohh also ..I talked to Pollito for the first time in months which was cool bcz i haven't talked to him in ages. "My neighbor promised to tidy up her yard, but it took the contagious"