Tuesday, 4 December 2001

Monday I was walking to work and I thought hmm... my skirt feels funny, like it's slipping... suddenly it was around my ankles. Luckily I was across the street from the corner where my work is and even more lucky was the fact that I was wearing an emormous coat. But people still noticed as I hopped across the street.

To make me feel better my friend Anthony confessed that he had been playing X-BOX the night before, one of those games where I forget how you call it but you have the perspective of the character you are being... like you only see their hand and gun or whatever. Well Anthony had it on in surround sound... he was playing and suddenly he heard gunshots behind him so he ducked. And then realized it was only the game.

I was realizing I must be lonesome for a guy. I was realizing this because I was sitting there watching some show about of all things Limp Bizkit, and suddenly I was all swoony over Fred Durst. Icky!! Okey-doke... time to find a fella...